Is our life pre-destined?
Or do we create our own reality?
Or is it some combination of the two?

I remember being taken by someone I trusted to meet an astrologer about eight years back. He told me that even if I wanted to I would not be able to follow my dream at the time...of becoming a Buddhist monk. He said I'd get married (what’s more, the marriage wouldn't be a happy one!) and become a writer.

Needless to say I didn't enjoy hearing these things. The man who took me to meet the astrologer however was very wise, an accomplished yogi. He re-assured me that astrology merely gives an indication of patterns and probabilities and it does not mean these things cannot be changed. He encouraged me to follow my heart.

At that time I was fortunate to come across an ancient book from China which had all the answers to my questions, and was written in a very easy to understand way. It is a true story of a man called Liao Fan who lived in China. He met an astrologer at an early age and the man predicted his entire life. Everything was happening EXACTLY as the astrologer said until Liao Fan met a Zen master who taught him the secret of changing one's destiny...kindness by actions, speech and thought.

I really took refuge in the teachings of this book and began applying them in earnest. I am happy to say that I went on to follow my heart. Despite many obstacles I gave up the security of corporate life and entered the forests of South East Asia to practice the Buddha's teachings with wise teachers for six years. It was the most precious experience of my life.

Can we change our destiny?
If so, how can we do so?

If you too would like to learn the keys to changing and mastering your may enjoy reading this ancient book that gave me so much hope:

The Four Lessons of Liao Fan

Truly, no matter what race or religion we belong to, all of us can benefit from the simple and profound teachings in this book.

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